The Joy Of Nature

the joy of nature

The Joy Of Nature

This week had been utterly unforgiving.

He had sat at his desk and completed the seemingly endless work that kept piling up in front of him.

The countless hours of the workweek coupled with the non stop glow from his computer screen had left him with an obscene headache by the end of the week.

Although this had become his weekly routine, it still felt like a miracle every time Friday afternoon rolled around.

Finally he was free to escape the anxious nature of his workplace and enjoy the leisure of the weekend.

It would be easy for him to retire for the weekend and enjoy the comfort of nothing but his couch and Netflix but he refused.

He knew he needed to feel the joy of nature a whole lot more than he needed to catch up on The Walking Dead.

Bright and early Saturday morning he packed a bag and was on his way out into the woods.

As he drove towards his destination he could feel his work life growing distant in his rear view both metaphorically and in reality.

He exited his car at the beginning of his chosen trail and took a moment to soak in the blue sky above him.  The snow capped mountains and eagles soaring in the distance were fascinating.

It was a cool day and the smell of pine was abundant.  It was all consuming, the essential smell of nature in his mind.

His stress levels were immediately overwhelmed by the joy of nature and he knew he was where he belonged.

The Joy of nature


Trekking Through The Woods

He began up the trail pretending it was his to discover.  In reality, nobody was around to tell him otherwise so he was just as content either way.

He had water and snacks but most importantly he had the joy of nature at his fingertips.

His day had no timeline and he was free to explore to his hearts desire.

Deep greens and rich, earthy shades of brown.  These are the colors that cannot be recreated in an unnatural environment.  These are the colors that soothe his soul without effort.

And then there was the textures.  So many textures.  The soft dirt, the rough rocks and an infinite supply of smooth leaves just begging for him to reach out.

It was almost impossible to not be in a state of mindfulness meditation.

The Joy of nature

A recent storm had knocked over some trees

In these times he was not thinking about his Monday responsibilities or what he was going to make for dinner.  Instead he was fully immersed in his natural surroundings which was something he often found hard to do.

The world, this world, the real world offered so many sounds.

The rustling of leaves, birds bantering away, the clamoring of animals, and the crunch of his overpriced boots on the dirt.

It was a symphony for his ears alone.  In fact, one he much prefered to the hustle and bustle of city life.

It all came together as the sound of being outside and returning to a place where there weren’t honking cars, obnoxious music, or the underwhelming hum of small talk.

This is what his brain yearns for as he unwillingly sits in the office. And to think that he almost stayed in and wasted these precious moments for Netflix.

Missing out on this experience was unimaginable.

The air, the exercise and the comfort of knowing that right then, in that very moment, he was free.

One step, then the next.  One foot and then the other.

He climbed and climbed and climbed.

Minutes turned to hours but he was none the wiser.

Soon he could not hike any higher and the thick forest opened up to a view of the world.

The real world was just sitting there enchanting and waiting to be seen.  Who is he to deny it.

For the first time that week, he took a deep breath.

Beautiful…Simply Beautiful

The joy of nature

Where’s your favorite spot in nature?


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