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disciplined man

The Disciplined Man Controls His Destiny

The Disciplined Man Line up 10 people side by side and it will be obvious who has the most discipline. You could pick him out of the crowd 100% of the time. The disciplined man is well-dressed, in great shape, and can’t stop moving because life is waiting for him. His discipline has brought worthwhile things […]

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Stuck on an island

You’re On A Deserted Island…

You’re stuck on an island. You have no idea how you got here and you certainly have no desire to stay. How long have you been here? Days, weeks, years perhaps? It’s all a blur. This island is not like the ones in the movies: abundant in palm trees, coral reef, and miles of blue […]

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the joy of nature

The Joy Of Nature

The Joy Of Nature This week had been utterly unforgiving. He had sat at his desk and completed the seemingly endless work that kept piling up in front of him. The countless hours of the workweek coupled with the non stop glow from his computer screen had left him with an obscene headache by the end […]

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