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Hey Everybody!

My main goal of this site has never been to make money.

I am here to help and I hope my content does just that.

From the beginning my initial goal was to change one life with what I have learned.

If I can accomplish this I will have served a purpose.

That being said, building this blog takes a lot of time.

Time that is scarce while working full time.

All of the links I provide to products that I recommend, I make a small portion of commission from.

I want transparency to be key between me and my readers.

You may notice that there are other products I don’t link to even though I suggest they may offer some benefit.

This is because all of the products I DO recommend have at least changed my life to some degree.

If you wish to support my site the best way is to purchase a product you are interested in through my link.

If you do purchase something and plan to purchase it again, returning to my link would be of great support.

Any funds I gain through this site go back into making it better.

I want this to be the best mental health blog out there!

Another fantastic way to support me is to share my content with those who could benefit!