Suicide notes for you


These are my suicide notes…

Or rather my notes to anyone considering suicide.

My Suicide Notes For You

Don’t do it

Suicide is an infinitely long term mistake to a temporary problem.

Whatever you are currently going through, you must understand that time and effort heals everything.

I can not begin to understand the struggles some of you may be facing in your life, but one thing is for sure, I have faced my fair share of problems as well.

I have been on the other side where you may be standing.

Truly believing from the bottom of your heart,  you’re bound to an endless cycle of misery and suffering.

Suicidal thoughts plagued my mind for well over a year.  I couldn’t see the point in living a life that was 90% pain and 10% pleasure.

Consequently this mindset had me in a scary place.  These thoughts often scared me, and by no means did I want to be having them.

One year later, I am in the best state of mind I have ever been.

I accomplished this without medication through relationships and communicating with loved ones, speaking to a therapist, and working daily to improve my shitty situation.

Never Today

Fight your battles one day at a time.

Don’t focus on how long you will feel likes this, but rather focus on how you can make today better.

Better yet, set yourself up for tomorrow.

No matter how bad the day gets, you will always make it through “today”.  Tomorrow is a brand new today.

You don’t have the right

Suicide affects far more than you.

There are people in your life that love you, and need you.

Kids, parents, partners etc.  Somebody would be devastated by losing you.

They should never have to read suicide notes left by you.

For now, and only for now, live for them until you can find yourself again.

Perhaps you are on the other end of the spectrum and you feel like you have nobody in your life.

If this is the case I am truly sorry.

Just know I am always here if you need someone to talk to.  No strings attached.

Let me help you, let me share your burden.  Get whatever you are carrying off your shoulders by talking to me about it.  Of course I am not a substitute for medical or professional help, just a friend.

You are stronger than you know

It takes a lot of courage to stand up to your demons day in and day out.

For this I salute you.

You have faced challenges no human should know.  This makes you stronger than most people will ever grow to be.

Although you may feel like you are weak or a failure, it is the other way around.  You are a warrior.


Just a Little More

You have made it this far already..don’t you think you should hold on a little longer so you can see the good side of life again?

I insist you check out one of my favorite youtube channels that really helped me through a rough patch in my life, Noah is an absolute inspiration: Bignoknow-youtube


Please feel free to contact me if you need help.  See a doctor, talk to someone, don’t be scared to ask for help.

The world still needs you.


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