Depression Is Like A Deserted Island – Are You Stranded?

You’re stuck on an island.

You have no idea how you got here and you certainly have no desire to stay.

How long have you been here? Days, weeks, years perhaps?

It’s all a blur.

This island is not like the ones in the movies: abundant in palm trees, coral reef, and miles of blue skies.

Unfortunately, all of your sunshine is covered by clouds and your beautiful beach is overwhelmed by waves and undertow waiting to swallow you up.

What you do get to keep is the sweltering heat. Heat hotter than you ever imagined hell to be.

Your lips are chapped and cracking, your throat dryer than the sand you sit on.

For the first time in your life, you put two hands together and pray- for water of all things.

Something that you never once wished for at home.

Before you were in this predicament, all you had to do was turn a faucet and tilt a glass to your face.

Unlike when you were imagining being stuck on an island as a kid, nobody let you bring three items of your choice with you.

You don’t have cell service, toilet paper, your bed, accessible food, or anything else you took for granted at home.

Worst of all, you are alone.

It isn’t the clouds, the hunger pains, or the scarce supply of water that is ultimately breaking you.

It is the lack of contact – The isolation.

There is nobody here to go through these struggles with you and nobody to bail you out.

The idea to plan your escape crosses your mind but you temporarily decide to stay for fear of the waves and beyond.

So much could go wrong.

What if you fell in?

What if you never found land?

Fear of the unknown paralyzes you. The discomfort of this island is so much easier than taking a risk.

After a few more sunrises pass you are running out of water.

The realization that staying here ultimately means death forces you to prepare your escape.

As you begin to take action, you are flooded with a feeling you haven’t felt in a long time – hope.

This hope is energizing and exciting. It is the first thing that makes you smile since landing on this forsaken island.

The memories of your real life start coming back.

Soon you have created a raft and a device to hold the last of your water tiny water supply.

After one last night, you set sail and put the island behind you.

The first day is filled with excitement. You safely make it pass the waves into calmer waters.

The second day brings with it uncertainty and more discomfort. The heat is still sweltering but now you have no shade.

For a moment you regret your decision and you break down in tears.

You did everything in your power and this is how it ends?

You thought there was more to your story, there had to be.

A combination of the heat and the emotions cause you to faint, which at this point is a relief.

When you wake up, you are struck by disbelief…

Off far in the distance is land.

You summon energy out of thin air and dip your hands in the water to paddle yourself to shore.

This time the land is not deserted.

People rush to your rescue and before you know it you are home.

Never in your life have you been so grateful for your daily commodities.

That island was the most awful experience you have ever been through but you will never forget what it taught you.

You have a new appreciation for life and that island – that wretched island is to thank.

That island is depression.


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