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The lack of the large in-depth posts you have grown accustomed to is not without cause or due to a lack of my input.

Quite the opposite actually.

I have been working harder than ever to ensure the growth of this community!

Over these past few weeks I have developed some great relationships with other bloggers.

I have done some highly in depth posts which relate to the content of this site.

Go check them out!

Guest Post #1

From Depressed To Blessed: How I Overcame My Depression And Took Back My Life

This post is a rather detailed account of my road to conquering my depression.  I have used many examples of my situations on this blog and this post dives further into some of those.  It is a two part series and it clocks in at over 5000 words!

Guest Post #2

4 Reasons You Need To Travel – How Travelling Can Change Your Life

I had a blast writing this post.  Travelling has been a huge part of my life and it was a brighter touch on my usual depression/anxiety theme yet it stills stands true to its roots.




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Sharing my past experiences battling anxiety, fatigue and depression in hopes that I can help you with your own personal struggles.

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