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I have had the pleasure to guest post for all of these awesome sites.

This is an ever expanding list, so feel free to check it out on a regular basis to check for new content.


Guest Post #1 –

From Depressed To Blessed: How I Overcame My Depression And Took Back My Life

This post is a rather detailed account of my road to conquering my depression.  I have used many examples of my situations on this blog and this post dives further into some of those.  It is a two part series and it clocks in at over 5000 words!

Guest Post #2

4 Reasons You Need To Travel – How Travelling Can Change Your Life

I had a blast writing this post.  Travelling has been a huge part of my life and it was a brighter touch on my usual depression/anxiety theme yet it stills stands true to its roots.


Guest Post #3

A Beginners Guide To Taking Cold Showers 

Cold showers belong in every persons morning routine but they suck balls.

This article highlights a few not-so-obvious benefits and also teaches you how to brave the cold!

Get wetter, get better.


Guest Post #4

How Building A Better Body Can Change Your Life

I have been borderline addicted to fitness for almost a decade.

It was refreshing to write a post on the benefits of lifting, however, I did not feel that it directly pertained to this site.

This post practically wrote itself, and if you like it I would love to add more of this type of content in the future.

Depression, confidence, dedication…no match for exercise.

Go check it out!


Guest Post #5

Destructive Words To Eliminate From Your Life

A motivational edge to my normal work. The same principles I carry through this site with a little less fluff.

As someone who has been through depression, I aim to be gentle, understanding, and polite on my site.

This is the next level, for those who have overcome their emotions and want to take their life to the next level.


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