A Quarter Year Down – Three More To Go

Quarter Year Down

April 1st marked the quarter year point of 2017.

One doesn’t have to look at a calendar to be able to spot this.

If you frequent a gym, you can probably tell by the sudden drop in attendance.

All of those people who so eagerly set new years resolutions don’t seem so eager anymore.

They are willing to settle back down to the life they were uncomfortable with simply because it is easier for them.

The gym is yours to own once again and I hope you take advantage of that.

Additionally, it is highly likely that your friends and family are far removed from any previously set ambition as well.

Hopefully you are different.  You realize that just because you may have slipped up on a previously set resolution, does not mean you cannot get back on the horse.


The Quarter Year Mark

I have found that, in my own life, this is the time of the year I always need a kick start.

Every year I set a new years resolution I am extremely enthusiastic about.

Many times I complete them and experience drastic personal growth.  There are also the times where I fail to accomplish them.

Rather than get back back up, it is often easier to feel like a failure and give up.

Carrying forth this state of mind is a recipe for disaster and further failure.

Until you realize that you can change your life no matter the day of the year, you will fall victim to this cycle at one point or another.

This isn’t meant to be a new years resolution follow up.  Instead I want to remind you that today can be your January 1st or even day one of your new life.


One Step At A Time

Each and every day you have the opportunity to change your uncomfortable situation.

Despite what you may believe, it doesn’t require a ton of your time.

Simply put one foot forward each and every day and, before you know it, you will start to see change in your life.

When I was depressed and anxious in 2015 I felt hopeless.  Anything I set my mind to I failed at.

One fateful day I picked up the book How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

The first few chapters immediately caught my attention.  Despite my hectic work schedule I still managed to invest 30 minutes each night to reading this book.

That simple 30 minutes a night was enough to spring me forward on to greater things. It was arguably the catalyst that changed my life.

For those of you who wish to lose weight or gain muscle but feel strapped for time…it does not have to consume all of your free time!

Investing 2 hours per week for the rest of your life will yield much greater results than 5 hours per week would for only a few months.


Quit Making Excuses And Go Change Your Life!

Everyone has excuses and some are damn good ones!

At the end of the day an excuse is simply an obstacle and all obstacles can be overcome with enough effort.

Those of us who get caught up on excuses fall behind in life.

The strong few who view excuses as mere setbacks to overcome will achieve success in whatever they put their minds too.

Whether your goal is to overcome a mood disorder, get in great shape, excel in your career or find a new relationship, you can do it!

If you previously failed then get back up and go for round two or three or ten if it is necessary.

Don’t give up when the finish line is just sitting and waiting for you.

A quarter year is down, you still have three more to make it the best year of your life!





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