Overcoming Personal Obstacles With Kyle Maynard

Interview with kyle maynard

Back in February I had the opportunity to sit down with Kyle Maynard and have a discussion over Skype.

I waited for weeks to have the interview and couldn’t wait to publish it on the blog.

Kyle Maynard has been a huge inspiration to me over the last few months.

Born without arms or legs, Kyle has accomplished athletic achievements that most able bodied individuals could only dream of.  Kyle now performs as a motivational speaker all over the United States.

Being able to chat with him and pick his brains was incredible.

Unfortunately I used a free trial of an editing software to record the video.  This free trial unknowingly came with a large watermark over the video that I can only remove by buying the full service.

I debated publishing this and never got around to it.  The watermark was enough to bother me, so I left it.

Upon another review, it became evident this needed to be published.

Kyle Maynard is a very wise man and even though I took months to publish this video, the chat has definitely impacted me since the time we talked.

Kyle’s wisdom is worth sharing. You can benefit from his words and ideas as I did.

Kyle will move you.

The original plan was to discuss overcoming personal obstacles.  We definitely touched on this but we also briefly cover other topics such as:

  • spirituality
  • fear of the unknown
  • acquiring wisdom
  • blessings in disguise

This was both my first Skype video call and first interview so forgive the poor audio and video quality as well as any nervousness you may easily detect.

I plan to do more (higher quality) videos in the future.



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If you want to check out the book discussed grab a copy of No Excuses here.

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Check out his blog kyle-maynard.com


Also check out the video that inspired me enough to reach out to Kyle:

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Diego - 07/05/2017 Reply

Super great stuff. Kyle’s an inspiration!

    Regan - 10/05/2017 Reply

    Thanks Diego! He honestly is… Everyone could learn a lot from Kyle, I wish I had more time.

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