The Quotebook – Making Motivational Quotes Great Again

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Do you often wake up “on the wrong side of the bed”?

Have you ever found yourself envious of someone who just always seems fired up in the morning?

I want to tell you that you can be that person too.  It isn’t as hard as you may think it is either.

What is a “quotebook” you might ask?

Exactly as it sounds.. A book full of any, and every quote you find that gives you motivation, inspiration, puts some cheer in your heart, or gas in your tank.

What I personally do is keep a notepad handy around my house,  well realistically I just use my smartphone but..

Whenever I hear or read  motivational quotes I write them down, simple as that!

Once you start paying attention you will be shocked at how many motivational quotes are just kicking around.

You will find them in movies, books, and songs among other places.

With a little bit of effort and time, you will gather plenty of inspirational quotes.

When you do type them up on a computer to look nice and fancy.


I recommend you put your top 10 favorite on the wall.  Fill up one full page on a computer and make them just big enough for 10 to fit.

If they catch your eye you will be that much more likely to go over them frequently.

When you have more than a few pages consider purchasing a binder or folder where you can keep them all.

Whenever life’s got you feeling down pull them out and spend some time reading all your motivational quotes.


Your New Motivational Quotes Daily Ritual

Okay this may sound cheesy but trust is such an effective way to get your day started on the right track.

Here’s what you do..

You can use your favorite 10 quotes OR you can have 10 other great ones.

I recommend 10 new ones so you can cover more ground.

Every morning as soon as your blanket comes off your body read them.

In Alcoholics Anonymous as well as mentioned in Dale Carnegie’s book “Stop Worrying and Start Living” there is an excellent program called “Just for Today”

I tailored it to my own needs a bit as I am not an alcoholic but essentially this is what I did:

I picked 5 traits or thought patterns I would like to exhibit throughout the day

  1. Happy
  2. Kind
  3. Patient
  4. Caring
  5. Enthusiastic

Then I picked 5 negative traits, emotions or behaviours I wished to avoid

  1. Feeling sorry for myself
  2. Thinking of what I lack, rather than what I have
  3. Eating unhealthy
  4. Worry
  5. Temper

Once you have your 10 ideal traits just add Just for Today to them.


eg. Just for today I will be caring and sympathetic of others

eg. Just for today I will not feel sorry for myself*


To take it one step further you can find a quote relating to any of these things and write it below for extra motivation.

In fact I recommend adding a quote.  Especially one that really resonates with you.


eg. Just for today I will not eat fast food.

“They call it fast food because you will die a lot quicker if you go too fast with it”-James Blacker


The idea is, approaching problems is much less daunting when you break them down to 1 day increments.

You won’t feel like this forever, so why worry about 1 year from now.


After just two weeks of doing this it almost became automatic.

I had more energy, less anxiety, and my well being went up leaps and bounds.

The power of your subconscious mind is incredible when you start to work with it, rather than living life fighting it.

Practice using your “quotebook” enough and you will start to live with more gusto in no time


If you found this helpful let me know in the comments or share with someone who could benefit!


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