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Hello everyone my name is Alex and I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for over a decade.

I have built this mental health blog to share my experiences in hopes that I can help others going through the same problems.

I am not a doctor just a real person who has dealt with real mental health struggles like you.

No matter where I turned I couldn’t escape these feelings, I felt like they were consuming my life.

I am not the kind of person who will let something take control of me while I sit down and take a life long ride in misery.

In the last 7-8 years I feel like I have tried almost every non- pharmaceutical option on the market.

From Herbs and Vitamins to Exercises, Meditation etc.  There is not much that has slipped past my radar.

My Mental Health Blog

My goal on this site is to break down what has actually worked for me and made changes in my life.  

I promise to never recommend a product I haven’t used and benefited from.

The purpose of this mental health blog is not necessarily to describe different types of mood disorders (with a few exceptions).

Instead I wish to provide actionable steps you can implement immediately in your life to see changes and growth in your quality of life.

I also hope to light a fire under the ass of the person who complains about how they feel, yet does nothing to make changes.

If you have been bestowed with a mood disorder it is my misfortune to tell you that you are responsible for your mental health.

 It won’t change without effort.

I hope to make this one of the best mental health blogs out there, and provide quality information, and honest insight all while building relationships with my readers.

A big part of this journey is having support so let’s take our next steps together and reclaim a beautiful life full of radiant health and happiness.

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About the Author

Sharing my past experiences battling anxiety, fatigue and depression in hopes that I can help you with your own personal struggles.

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