My All Time Favorite Supplement – Himalayan Shilajit

Himalayan Shilajit

What is it that you look for in a supplement?

Do you take supplements to improve your general health and increase your energy levels?  

How about an improvement in mood and a reduction in stress levels?  Perhaps even an increased libido?

Today I am excited to tell you there is a supplement that can provide you with all of those benefits in one fell swoop.  You no longer have to break the bank by taking 3 different supplements for each facet of your health.

The supplement I am talking about is Shilajit.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional in any way. 


What Is Shilajit?

Also known as the “Conquerer of Mountains” or “The Destroyer Of Weakness” shilajit is an ancient ayurvedic remedy from the Himalayan Mountain range.

It is composed of organic plant material that has been densely packed by rock over centuries.

This mineral pitch is taken for further purification and is sold as one of the most nutrient dense supplements available on the market.


What Are The Benefits Of Shilajit?

Shilajit has been used for thousands of years as a touted “cure all” by the natives of the Himalayas and has cemented itself as one of the top herbs in the Ayurveda medicine system.

The list of reported benefits accompanying the use of Shilajit is enormous so we will keep it as relevant as possible.


Detoxification Properties

The world we live in has become a nasty place.  There are chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink, and even in the air we breathe.

Make no mistake, although you may not feel the effects immediately, the human body is not conditioned to these unnatural substances entering our bodies day in and day out.

As decades go by health problems can begin to accumulate.  By supplementing with Shilajit we slow this process down dramatically and in turn, we protect our overall health.

The fulvic and humic acids within Shilajit have been shown to bind to toxins and remove them from the bloodstream.

Furthermore, Shilajit can be of great benefit to the overall health of your liver which will further excrete toxins, keeping you healthy.

Keeping your liver in top shape is highly important for both your mental and physical health.



Shilajit stands out among the crowd as a supplement that you can actually feel improving your health.

As someone who has personally struggled with rather severe fatigue for many years, taking Shilajit feels like a breath of fresh air.

Consuming Shilajit can improve your energy both short and long term.

The immediate effects you may feel come from Shilajit’s ability to increase cellular ATP.

This means the energy you experience is natural, not the kind of stimulation you would get from a coffee or the anxiety that often accompanies it.

In fact, Shilajit has been a critical substitute for coffee in my efforts to cut coffee out of my diet.

The long-term improvements in levels of fatigue come from Shilajit’s ability to remove toxins from the body.  Additionally, Shilajit is packed with over 85 minerals in their most biologically available form.

If you have toxins backed up or any unknown mineral deficiencies within your body, Shilajit can nourish your body back to good health.


Increased Testosterone Levels

Shilajit can be a very effective testosterone booster.

Shilajit’s detoxification properties help remove toxins that may be harming the endocrine system.

Readily available minerals contained within Shilajit such as zinc and magnesium (among many others) can further increase testosterone levels.

If you need a testosterone boost, Shilajit is likely one of the only natural options worth trying.

Trial sizes of shilajit start as low as $7.99!

Adaptogenic Properties

A new class of herbal supplements is taking the health community by storm.

Supplements known as adaptogens are touted to help your body to acclimate to stress, improve mood and further improve homeostasis within the body.

Shilajit is an elite adaptogen.

Many people report dramatic improvements in anxiety and mood when beginning taking Shilajit.  In my own personal experience, it has an effect similar to that of L-theanine in strength and can definitely help take the edge off.

(While it may help anxiety and mood, don’t expect it to replace any medication or a poor lifestyle.)


Improved Workouts

With the ability to increase testosterone levels, cardiovascular health, and cellular ATP, does it come as any surprise that Shilajit can be a phenomenal aid to your workouts?

Whether your focus is endurance or strength training, Shilajit can provide you with an awesome boost.

Shilajit provides a near immediate kick in energy.  Additionally, I experience an excellent pump which rivals many anxiety-inducing pre-workout supplements.

Rather than causing long-term harm to your body through the use of over-caffeinated and chemically saturated supplements, Shilajit nourishes your body in addition to its performance enhancement.


Absorption Of Other Minerals

Last but not least, the fulvic acids contained within Shilajit are reported to improve the efficiency of other supplements.

This means you will not only benefit from just the Shilajit itself.  If you take other supplements and vitamins, you may notice them being more effective than they previously had been.


 Where To Get Good Shilajit?

Benefits Of Shilajit

8 gram solid supply + 5 gram liquid supply


The only place you will get the highest quality Shilajit is at

Their prices are nearly half that of their competition without any loss in quality. They are also the only company to offer trial sizes as cheap as $7.99.  This will last you roughly two weeks of daily usage.

For legal reasons, I can’t post competitors pricing but feel free to try and find a cheaper source…it simply won’t happen.  I guarantee it.

Additionally, the customer service at PureHimalayanShilajit is outstanding and they will make sure you leave a satisfied customer.

Give Shilajit a try and watch the benefits of shilajit improve your health improve before your eyes!

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