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guided meditation

Her alarm rang, piercing her slumber.  How could it already be morning?

She slammed her hand down on the snooze button, only it didn’t snooze.  The alarm turned off, and she had been late leaving for work.

Her phone buzzed with one text message after the next.  The radio droned on with commercials on every station.

She was late.

The second she walked in the door, she had been given a list of things to do before he even made it to his desk.

Her work phone rang.

Everything whirled around her, an endless cacophony of various things just waiting to increase her stress level.

Her anxiety lapped against her psyche in waves, souring her already bad mood.

But she made it to her desk, and the phone stopped ringing.

She powered through the work day on seemingly her last leg.

As she walked in her front door, her anticipation rose.  She headed straight for her headphones, she needed to get away.

Snuggling up into a comfy corner she hit play on her phone, filling her mind with the soothing relaxation of her favorite guided meditation.

Within minutes the early troubles of the day melted away, and soon she was back where she was meant to be.

At Peace.

If you are new to meditating, guided meditation is the absolute best way to get your feet wet.

You will learn the basic principles of meditation, and it will be a lot easier to calm your mind than it would be on your own.

I have been meditating daily for roughly a year now.  When I began, I found it almost impossible to quiet my mind.

This was extremely discouraging and caused me to stop on multiple occasions.

Thankfully I always came back to it, and with some help, finally made some progress.


Guided Meditation

Meditation is an absolute key activity for recovering from mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

If you are not currently meditating, I highly suggest you start ASAP.

Countless studies point to the same conclusion; meditation can literally reprogram your mind.

7 Ways Meditation Can Actually Change The

This leads to much less stress, more energy, more focus, and an overall increase in quality of life.

Of course you won’t be a walking monk in a day or two, but with time and practice you will see real results, guaranteed.

If you are comfortable and know how to meditate that is great, I suggest you make it a daily habit.

For those who do not know where to start, a guided meditation can be phenomenal.

In fact, to this day, I still get more benefits out of following a leader through a guided meditation than just sitting in a quiet room.

The magic of guided meditation for me is, the ability to transport your mind to a place completely exotic, completely free of your daily problems.

Somewhere that is so peaceful, you forget that you are at home in your room.

The mood boosting properties of guided meditation are quite powerful.  In fact, I firmly believe no supplement comes close to the effects of guided meditation.

Realistically half of depression and anxiety are learning to control your thought patterns, and stopping to analyze why your thought pattern is the way it is..

What better way to tackle this problem than learning to focus on nothing but your breathing and calming your mind.


Meditation and  Homeostasis

Meditation has the ability to balance major hormones and neurotransmitters in the body including but not limited to:

  • Serotonin – Key neurotransmitter in mood disorders
  • Cortisol – Key hormone involved in stress and energy (the major adrenal hormone)
  • Dhea – Another crucial adrenal hormone involved in energy, mood, and vitality
  • GABA – Chief neurotransmitter in anxiety disorders, referred to as “natures valium”
  • Endorphins – Responsible in part for well being, also released through exercise
  • Growth Hormone – Chief anti aging hormone, responsible for all things “youth”
  • Melatonin – Responsible for normal sleep cycle
  • Dopamine – Responsible for feelings of reward and happiness

To me, that is a superstar lineup for mental health.  If guided meditation can provide all that, I won’t be letting go of it anytime soon.

The balancing of these hormones leads to improved sleep quality, increased energy, lowered anxiety and depression just to scratch the surface.

If you would like to get started I recommend check out the guided meditations at The Guided Meditation Site.

I have been using their products for awhile and have had great results!

This is not medical advice, just personal experience, please view the disclaimer


I hope with practice you can experience the benefits of guided meditation for yourself!


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Sharing my past experiences battling anxiety, fatigue and depression in hopes that I can help you with your own personal struggles.

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Ray Kingsman - 11/12/2016 Reply

I remember when I was meditating every other day, my mind was a lot calmer and did not race as much. Really helped me with my anxiety. That getting more sleep. Do you suggest any type of herbs or herbal scents to help with meditation?

Regan - 11/12/2016 Reply

Hey Ray, glad to hear meditation helped you, any reason you stopped? I have never experimented with scents but that is something worth looking into. I love forest sounds, I find them extremely relaxing so a nice forest scent might be great. As for herbs, I do not take any specifically for meditation but I find anything that helps with anxiety helps with meditation (5-htp, l-theanine, phenibut etc)

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