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the compound effect review

The word success has become lost in translation.

When one thinks about success, an abundance of money is usually the first thing that comes to mind.

The dictionary defines the word success as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. Why is it that we fail to aim for success in most areas of our lives besides our finances? Is our health, our families, our friendships not important as well?

Even with a heavy focus on money, many still remain broke month after month.


The Compound Effect breaks down the barriers to success and answers these questions making the process easier than you could hope for. After reading this book, you won’t be left with a single excuse to avoid taking steps towards a better life.

This book is the holy grail for achieving success, whatever that may look like for you.

Do you wish to lose weight? The principle behind the compound effect can guarantee your success.

Do you wish to get out of a funk or a midlife crisis? The compound effect is your solution

If success to you does revolve around building wealth, the compound effect is a surefire way to achieve your goal.


About The Author

Darren Hardy is the publisher and founder of SUCCESS magazine.

His unique position has given him access to speak with and interview some of the world’s most successful people including but not limited to:

  • Richard Branson
  • Steve Jobs
  • Warren Buffett
  • Donald Trump
  • Charles Swab
  • Jeff Bezos

Consider Darren a living filter for all success related material. He is the perfect person to write a book about it and it shows.

The Compound Effect is the product of Darren’s countless interviews and years around industry leaders. Every successful person Darren has ever interviewed follows these principles without failure.

The information is like fine vodka that has been distilled countless times, finally making its way to you completely pure and ready for consumption. It goes down smooth and elevates your mind to a higher state.

The Compound Effect Review

This book consists of six effective chapters, each building on the next.

We will touch on a few key principles from each chapter.

Not included in this summary are countless examples and practical application tips. For these, read the book.

Chapter 1 – The Compound Effect In Action

'I'm the world's biggest believer in consistency.' - Darren Hardy

The first chapter of the book introduces us to The Compound Effect: Small changes, when done consistently, create enormous results.

The minor lifestyle tweaks that benefit us the most are dependent upon our individual goals. We can make small changes in relation to fitness, finances, relationships, self-improvement, our sleep, and so on.

These changes can be as simple as texting your partner daily or doing 50 push-ups before bed.

It wouldn’t be reasonable to ask that a small change creates big results instantly and so, the results of the compound effect are largely long-term. For a quick fix, we would need enormous changes. The compound effect takes the safe route. The road anyone without an ounce of willpower can follow for the long term without getting derailed when the initial motivation wanes.

We are planting seeds that will grow over the next few seasons of your life and pruning the weeds as they so ruthlessly try to grow alongside your rose bush. 

Being that the effects take time to manifest, there is no overnight changes or obvious success. This is why most people fail to make progress in life. If you can train yourself to patiently await your rewards, you have already separated yourself from the 90%.


Imagine the compound effect like losing weight or gaining muscle

When you look in the mirror every day it is hard to notice changes. How much could your physique possibly change from when you last saw yourself?  Thankfully, for every dedicated person, a day comes where results do become noticeable. Changes are small at first but enough to want more.

When you begin to see progress, your motivation increases and the compound effect begins to pick up.

In the beginning, a lack of obvious improvement will cause many to feel as though no change is happening. Those without patience fall off the wagon and the dedicated few get to experience the life changing effects of The Compound Effect.

If we want real, lasting, results, we have to stick to the plans we make for months and years to come.

Imagine if you only were able to lose one pound per month. Many would get discouraged by this. People who understand the compound effect realize that this equals 36 pounds in just three years. The passing of just over 1000 days.

Taking the necessary measures to lose 36 pounds would also make it impossible for any further weight gain you may have put on had you not decided to get started – however small that first step was.


Chapter 1 also details something labeled as “The Ripple Effect”.

Losing 36 pounds would ripple into other areas of your life.

Your energy would increase resulting in more time exercising and therefore more weight loss. Friends and family would shower you with compliments resulting in more motivation.

Losing one pound per month might have been hard at first but it doesn’t stay hard for long (especially once you start living with the benefits).

Darren does a great job of showing how these minor changes can ripple into almost every area of our lives from a minute change. If this book only contained the first chapter, it would still be worth the investment.

Always remember, this effect goes both ways. The compound effect can take your life to unimaginable success or to despair. One day at a time, move forward or slowly sink backward.

Chapter 2 – Choices

'We all come into this world the same: naked, scared, and ignorant. After that grand entrance, the life we end up with is simply an accumulation of all the choices we make.' - Darren Hardy

In chapter 2, Darren gives us a much-needed wake-up call.

Everything we do in a day boils down to a choice and over time our choices create the life we live.

We make the choice to eat unhealthily or waste money on unnecessary things. The more times we make these choices, the further away our dream physique or bank account gets.

This chapter drives home the message that we need to own every area our lives.

If we are falling behind in certain areas, is it a result of poor decision making over a long period of time? Is the compound effect causing our poor decisions to lead to a poor quality of life?

How would your life change if you recognized how often you make choices and how often you are presented a chance to become a little bit better?

You can choose to act nice towards that person you aren’t fond of, choose to think positively, choose to put the Doritos down, choose to go to the gym tonight, choose to control your anger…do we get the point?

Making the right choice isn’t always easy but it is always a choice.

This chapter also provides us with two incredible tools we can implement in our daily lives.

Two weeks of consistently using the first tool have saved me over $100. Much more than the book itself cost.

You’ll have to grab a copy of the book to check them out.


Chapter 3 – Habits

'I've met with many great achievers, CEO's, and 'superstars', and I can tell you they all share one common trait - they all have good habits.' - Darren Hardy

The choices we make consistently either turn into good habits or bad habits. Our regular habits define who we are and shape our future.

This chapter provides methods for developing good habits and simultaneously kicking bad habits out the door, like a guest who has overstayed their welcome.

'We are what we repeatedly do.' - Aristotle

This chapter is designed to help us succeed well after our motivation has up and left us. Systems and worksheets are provided to make it near impossible to not be moving closer to our goals every day.

At a bare minimum, once you have finished this chapter and the worksheets, you should know what habits you need to build.

Only when we have a clear idea of the changes that need to be made can we begin to do something about them.

A good majority of people won’t go on a diet until someone comments on their physique. A good majority of people won’t put themselves on a budget until their $5000 limit credit card gets declined for a can of soda and a pack of gum at the gas station. Don’t be part of the majority. As Darren would say – Be the exception.

Let this chapter get you sorted before you hit rock bottom and you can save yourself years of further work.

Chapter 4 – Momentum

'Once you've got Mo on your side, there is almost no way anyone can catch you.' - Darren Hardy

Once we get some positive habits under our belt, we can start to expect momentum, or as Darren calls it – Big Mo.

Momentum acts as a strong wind pushing you from behind making your journey forward easier than ever before.

Momentum is an incredibly powerful force. It is the reason the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The bad thing about Big Mo? It takes time to convince him to hang out with you.

Mo is like that pretty girl you’ve always wanted to date. She requires you earn her number and won’t settle for any average guy. If anyone could get her number, she probably wouldn’t be special.

Big Mo only helps those who are helping themselves. Big Mo wants to see that you are committed and isn’t likely to show up in the first few weeks of your effort.

Just know that Mo is watching everything you do, like a year round Santy Claus waiting for that special day where he can show up in your living room.

The Compound Effect is almost entirely dedicated to getting momentum to work for you. This chapter is dedicated to building momentum and keeping your focus like a laser beam when you feel like results are taking too long.

Turn off the news and put away your celebrity gossip. Big Mo is your new idol.

If you want Big Mo at your next party, you can book him by grabbing a copy of this book.


Chapter 5 – Influences

'Everyone is affected by three kinds of influences: input (what you feed your mind), associations (the people with whom you spend your time), and environment (your surroundings).' - Darren Hardy

Our brain is like a sponge and is constantly absorbing the things that surround it.

Negative news, negative friends, negative surroundings all further increase stress and diminish potential.

In this chapter, Darren asks us to honestly evaluate who, where, and what we spend our time on. If we can remove negative input and replace it with positive input, we can see massive improvements in a small amount of time.

For example: reading this book is excellent input to feed your mind, watching TV is not.

Your brain is starving for informational nutrients. It may feel full now because you are stuffing it with garbage like your social media feed or the five o’clock news – the informational equivalent of Mcdonalds.

Remove the garbage and you will crave real, life changing, input.

Make a few changes, cut a few chords, and the compound effect will reward you handsomely.


Chapter 6 – Acceleration

'Giving a little more time, energy, or thought to your efforts won't just improve your results, it will multiply them.' - Darren Hardy

Once we have the compound effect and momentum on our side we are off to the races.

Acceleration consists of a few methods of administering steroids to your horse to ensure your competition is left in the dust, even if your competition is your old self.

Acceleration is the hardest part but the part that provides heaps more benefit than the regular work.

It can be described by lifting weights and pushing past your limits. The first 8 reps should be difficult and stimulate growth. Those last two, where you summon unknown energy, are the ones that produce incredible results.

This chapter requires self-reflection and prompts you to look for the areas in your life you can go the extra mile, squeaking out an extra 10% for a 1000% return.

By going the extra mile, Mo will be holding your pocket all day, every day. Your success will be like a formula one race car whizzing past the 1000’s in the crowd, watching from the stands, the noise deafening to their ears.

Get The Compound Effect


Resources Contained Within The Book

The book is already worth its weight in gold but to go one step further, The Compound Effect comes with eight downloadable resources.

These resources are designed to make sure you keep the compound effect working for you long after you have finished the reading.

The eight resources are as follows:

  1. Gratitude Assessment Worksheet
  2. Core Values Assessment Worksheet
  3. Goal Designing Worksheet
  4. Habit Assessment Worksheet
  5. Weekly Rhythm Register (I love this)
  6. Input Influences Analysis
  7. Association Evaluator
  8. Lifestyle Assesment worksheet

By completing these worksheets, you will have a thorough understanding of everything you read in the book. It will also shed light on the areas of your life that are holding you back.

Weekly Rhythm Register

The Weekly Rhythm Register deserves an explanation as its name prompts more questions than it answers.

Its potential value is enormous. I have put this resource on my wall for daily use.

The Weekly Rhythm Register is a formatted worksheet that allows you to input 15 behaviors or actions. It is further broken down to a day by day basis.

At the beginning of each week, you set your goal for how many times you are aiming to do or avoid each action or behavior.

Each day, you give a check or an X for each objective. Come Sunday, you compare your goal to how much you actually accomplished.

15 habits is a lot to start. If you are human, you will likely fall short of your goal. Each week, try to improve.

Doing this takes a total of two minutes out of your day. It is an extremely effective method to develop good habits and banish bad habits simultaneously.

Developing good habits and removing bad ones is what the compound effect is all about.

Darren Daily – The Cherry On Top

Downloading the resources will require you to input an email.

This signs you up for Darren’s newsletter. Every workday, Darren sends you a 3-5 minute video with quick actionable advice on how to seize the day.

You can unsubscribe at any time.

Normally I would consider this spammy and annoying. After watching the first few videos I have incorporated these videos into my morning routine.  Darren isn’t trying to sell you anything. The videos are strictly honest and effective advice to aid your success and change your life.

These videos are another way Darren Hardy has gone above and beyond.

The Compound Effect is a book you need to read! It could very well change your life as it did mine.


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About the Author

Sharing my past experiences battling anxiety, fatigue and depression in hopes that I can help you with your own personal struggles.

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Well written.

The compound effect is genius in its simplicity.

Getting what you want is a matter of doing a little bit every day.

Then you wake up with everything you want.

It does seem to be like magic, doesn’t it?

    Regan - 15/08/2017 Reply

    Thanks brother, I picked this book up via your sites recommendation. It really is genius to the last letter.

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