Combating Depression With Natural Methods Pt.2

Combating Depression With Natural Methods

If you missed Combating Depression Part 1 Catch it here

I am going to skip an intro and hop right back in to it.  After all there is still lots to talk about.


#6 Avoid Boredom Like the Plague

This year I was laid off for 2 months.

For the first 3 weeks it was so awesome, I was living the dream.

Part of this was because I hated my job and was pretty worn out.  A few weeks later, I was well rested and reality set in pretty hard.

All my friends were working and I had accomplished everything I needed to get done at home, leaving me with absolutely nothing to do.

Let me tell you something…Boredom will eat you alive.

I ran out of good shows to watch on Netflix, I had nobody to go out with, and I was injured so I couldn’t even workout which was always a go-to for me.

It becomes hard to get out of bed when you don’t have a purpose.

Eventually my routine was sleeping 10+ hours a day, playing video games and taking another nap because I was tired from zero stimulation.

While it may sound sweet, after a few weeks my self worth took a nosedive.

My girlfriend was working her ass off everyday making money, while I was collecting petty EI cheques and sitting on my ass all day.

I started to feel depressed again.

Structure was lacking from my life.  Structure is necessary for combating depression.

Sure playing video games is fun, but it should be a reward after you have accomplished something.

When I went back to work (changed jobs) it was such a relief.

It is necessary to feel like you accomplished something with your day.

It is even nicer to have free time.  When you are not doing anything, free time isn’t really free time..


#7 Sorry For Yourself Jar

The “Sorry for yourself Jar” is one of my favorite daily habits for combating depression that requires no time out of your day.

How to do it:

Get a jar that is hard to dig into.  It won’t work if you are dipping in every time you want an ice cream cone from McDonalds.

Every time you catch yourself feeling sorry for yourself, put a dollar in the jar.

Immediately focus your thoughts on something more pleasant.

It works better the higher you raise the stakes.  It is a lot harder to part with $5 as opposed to $1

If your mindset starts to get better raise the cost to $5.

Now you have to set a time limit and a goal.  Let’s say 1 month from now.

In 1 month your goal is to complain less than once a day.

When you finally reach your goal, you can open the Jar.  Go ahead buy yourself something nice with that money, you earned it.

Now seal the jar and double the value.

The key here is consistency! Don’t stop doing this after one month and I promise it will benefit you.

Make it a habit.

The mind is incredibly powerful.  If you can shift your thought pattern (even a little) you will experience growth.

When you are combating depression, growth is what it is all about.


#8 Adrenal Fatigue

I have already written an article on it, how it effected my life dramatically, and how I recovered.

I am of the opinion that adrenal fatigue can ruin your life if left unchecked.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is very similar.

I believe chronic fatigue is often misunderstood, and is often actually a late stage of adrenal fatigue.

For those who experience this you need no more explanation.  You know the horror

To those who don’t, I want you to remember the last time you slept roughly 2-4 hours.

Now try to put into perspective feeling like this everyday.

Personally I felt like this for 2-3 years.  I had no energy to pursue anything and it killed almost all hope of a bright future.

That wasn’t depressing in the slightest…

Anyone experiencing this I want you to know it can get better.

For those who don’t yet know what chronic fatigue feels like, feel grateful.  Don’t skip any of the steps that help someone already suffering.

Cut out as much stress from your life as possible, eliminate junk food and alcohol as much as possible, and eat your vegetables.

I am just scratching the surface.  

I highly recommend the adrenal fatigue solution if you experience any daily fatigue or chronic stress.

If you have adrenal fatigue you need to get it under control if you ever plan to improve your depression and anxiety.

And to the lucky ones who don’t have it, get your lifestyle in check before you find yourself down a nasty stress and fatigue intertwined rabbit hole.


#9 See a Therapist

Maybe you already have, if so I hope it helped.

Women are often quicker to go and talk to someone for help, not because they are weaker, it is because men are stubborn.

Men think they are all powerful.  Unfortunately we are largely driven by an ego based gasoline.

It is my duty to tell you man to man, (or man to woman), your ego is your biggest obstacle in getting help.

To give you some credit, at least you looked a little bit and found my blog, thanks :).

But I seriously recommend opening yourself up to someone with a career based on breaking down mental health issues.

A therapist can lend you a helping hand in your battle combating depression.

Of all of the people I do know that have gone to see a therapist not one has ever said anything negative about the experience

Granted only if the therapist was good…if not try a new one!

I have seen a therapist only twice.  The first one I did not like so I scrapped the idea for a few months.

The next one I visited totally got to the bottom of my issue and helped me prioritize some things in my life.

This eliminated tons of stress and helped me feel burden free in just one visit!


#10 Meditation

Meditation is one thing that will benefit your body and mind on almost every level.

It will reduce stress, improve existing adrenal fatigue, improve sleep, and even has some research that states it can improve a multitude of neurotransmitters and hormones.

I know for myself personally, meditation can have big impacts on my mood when I stick to it regularly.

I personally prefer a guided meditation.  My mind wanders easily, so I need a guiding voice.

Guided meditations are also great for beginners.


#11 Religion

I saved this for last so closed minded people wouldn’t leave right away.

Ideally this belongs in front.

Religion has made a big impact in my life this last year.

A few years ago I viewed religious people as naive, how could someone takes orders from that which they can not prove?

Furthermore battling depression, anxiety, fatigue, and watching my mother and others go through the same made me bitter and resentful to the idea.

Events eventually led me to church and over the course of a year my faith grew.

I now realize being close minded got me nowhere in life.

My happiness, sense of security, and sense of purpose have all reached new heights.


Being hesitant holds a lot of people back.

“What if god doesn’t exist?  I will be wasting my time!”

To that all I can say is you couldn’t be more wrong.

Growing as a Christian has improved my quality of life more than anything else I recommend.

It has taught me to worry less and be stress free more than anything, it has dramatically improved my relationships, and it has taken me to a new career path.

Whether god was in my corner or not, I am a better person because I choose to believe and live with faith.

Faith is the cure for your hopelessness, and hope is your biggest ally in combating depression.

Hope will dramatically reduce your depression AND anxiety, I know it does for me.

There has not been one part of my life I feel I have sacrificed, or lost due to opening my mind to believing.

I challenge you to open your mind for a month and see what happens.

You can start with a bible, or walking into church next Sunday.  

Remember not all churches are the same, if the first one you go to doesn’t feel right, find another!

My church provides all of their sermons online if you want to start from home.

If there wasn’t something to this whole religion thing there wouldn’t be billions of people doing it worldwide.


I hope you can put into practice and benefit from these recommendations!

If you enjoyed this article I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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