Average lifespan

You Have 25550 Days On This Planet

15/12/2016 Regan 4

The average lifespan in human beings is 25550 days That definitely shocked me when I heard it. Successful people in life understand that life is short and every day counts. People who aren’t successful sit […]


Hormones and Depression – What You Need To Know

19/11/2016 Regan 0

The link between hormones and depression is dramatically under diagnosed. With neurotransmitters gaining such high popularity and given such extensive research, it is no wonder that most people go straight to anti-depressants. If we dig […]

coffee and anxiety

Coffee And Anxiety – Friend Or Enemy?

13/10/2016 Regan 2

Have you noticed coffee and anxiety have a surprisingly strong relationship? I have a feeling many coffee drinkers who suffer with anxiety will relate with me in this article. If you are anything like me, […]