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Every supplement on this list has been tried and used by myself with great success and I believe they can benefit you as well.  If you choose to purchase through any of these links, you can do so with the peace of mind knowing you are getting a good product.  

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Pain Relief

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Supplements For Depression

(Not a substitute for medication.  Please speak with a doctor if you have underlying health conditions)


5 HTP is thought to be the precursor to serotonin in the brain.  Serotonin imbalances are one of the primary causes of depression and the neurotransmitter most anti-depressants aim to increase.  In my own experience 5 HTP not only improves my mood but it also noticeably reduces my general anxiety.


St. Johns Wort is another supplement reported to be able to increase serotonin levels.  There are some studies saying its effects can rival those of anti-depressants.  In my personal experience St. Johns Wort improved my mood tremendously.  St Johns Wort can have drug interactions so ask you doctor prior to using.


Have you ever noticed how much better your mood is in the summer?  This is largely in part to Vitamin D levels dropping off in the winter.  Vitamin D is important for hormones and neurotransmitters which regulate mood.


Fish oils have gained a lot of popularity in recent years as an almost necessary supplement for anyone struggling with depression.  Fish oils can balance neurotransmitters involved in mood disorders among a host of other benefit.

Supplements For Anxiety

(Not a substitute for medication. Please speak with a doctor if you have underlying health conditions)


Phenibut is without a doubt the most powerful anti-anxiety supplement available.  Its effects are most pronounced for people with social anxiety.  It isn't meant to be taken everyday but, when taken infrequently, it can be extremely beneficial.  You can read my full write up here if you would like to know more. 



L-theanine is great supplement to balance stress levels and promote sleep.  Its effects do not rival those of phenibut but it is still a very cheap supplement that offers some good value to anyone struggling to manage their stress levels.  You can read my full write up here if you would like to know more.


While phenibut and l-theanine are handy tools to have on deck, magnesium is absolutely essential for anyone suffering from anxiety.  Magnesium controls over 300 enzymatic functions within the body ranging from hormone regulation to neurotransmitter balance.  If you can manage to eliminate caffeine and address a magnesium deficiency you may very well end your anxiety.


Referred to as the "herb of spiritual potency", Reishi is a phenomenal herb to build resilience to stress over time. An adaptogenic herb in nature, Reishi is both calming and energizing.  It can improve the health of your liver, immune system and even your central nervous system which is often unbalanced in those with anxiety disorders. I have used Reishi for years and I love it. 

Supplements For Fatigue And Brain Fog

(Without the anxiety that comes with caffeine)

(Not a substitute for medication. Please speak with a doctor if you have underlying health conditions)


Also referred to as "The Conqueror of Mountains", Shilajit is the best supplement for fatigue and all around health on the market.  I have a full write up here if you would like to learn more.  There is not a single supplement I am more excited to recommend!


ALCAR is a highly bio-available form of L-carnitine.  It's ability to cross the blood brain barrier make it much more effective than L-carnitine itself.  ALCAR can boost energy on a cellular level and additionally improve cognitive function and clarity.  


Tongkat ali will be of great benefit to anyone who is looking to boost their testosterone.  Tongkat ali is the only legit testosterone booster on the market.  Higher testosterone means higher energy, libido, and even mood. This supplement may work well for depression if you currently experience low testosterone.


Cordyceps is another go to when you need an immediate energy kick and serves as a great substitute for coffee.  Cordyceps can increase cellular ATP which means energy on a cellular level (no jitters or anxiety).  Additionally cordyceps can increase oxygen in the blood and brain which will increase mental and physical endurance.


He Shou Wu is not an immediate energizer rather it works by increasing energy over the long term.  In Tradtional Chinese Medicine it is the premier builder of Jing which is loosely defined as our youthfulness.  He Shou Wu can nourish the kidneys and adrenal glands which over time will dramatically improve exhaustion and stress levels.  It is reported that it may also reverse graying hair! (I'm bald so I can't attest to that claim).


Perhaps the weirdest recommendation you have ever heard.  This is definitely not a vegan product.  Due to its highly unique nature all I will say is this stuff will boost your energy more than coffee ever could.  I like to combine cordyceps, black ant, and shilajit before every workout and I am always blown away by my endurance both mental and physical.  The link below will describe how this product works its magic.  Are you feeling open minded?

Supplements For Pain Relief

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