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Hormones and Depression – What You Need To Know


The link between hormones and depression is dramatically under diagnosed. With neurotransmitters gaining such high popularity and given such extensive research, it is no wonder that most people go straight to anti-depressants. If we dig a little deeper, we soon realize that many hormones can exhibit powerful effects, not only on the body, but on […]

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Suicide notes for you


These are my suicide notes… Or rather my notes to anyone considering suicide. My Suicide Notes For You Don’t do it Suicide is an infinitely long term mistake to a temporary problem. Whatever you are currently going through, you must understand that time and effort heals everything. I can not begin to understand the struggles […]

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2 Fall Asleep Fast-6 Tips For Sleeping With Anxiety

Fall asleep fast

Trouble Sleeping? Does the ability to fall asleep fast sound more like a super power than reality to you? Sleeping when you have anxiety may seem impossible at times. This comes despite the fact that you may have felt tired all day long.  The mind has this shitty little habit of turning on as soon […]

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Types of Anxiety Disorders


  People who have suffered from anxiety for a lengthy period of time likely know their diagnosis. But if you are just recently experiencing symptoms of anxiety, it can seem like a confusing and scary world. Knowing where your main problem lies can be a big aid in taking counter measures against your anxiety. You […]

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