Hormones and Depression – What You Need To Know

19/11/2016 Regan 0

The link between hormones and depression is dramatically under diagnosed. With neurotransmitters gaining such high popularity and given such extensive research, it is no wonder that most people go straight to anti-depressants. If we dig […]


Suicide notes for you

17/11/2016 Regan 0

These are my suicide notes… Or rather my notes to anyone considering suicide. My Suicide Notes For You Don’t do it Suicide is an infinitely long term mistake to a temporary problem. Whatever you are […]


Types of Anxiety Disorders

18/10/2016 Regan 0

  People who have suffered from anxiety for a lengthy period of time likely know their diagnosis. But if you are just recently experiencing symptoms of anxiety, it can seem like a confusing and scary […]

coffee and anxiety

Coffee And Anxiety – Friend Or Enemy?

13/10/2016 Regan 2

Have you noticed coffee and anxiety have a surprisingly strong relationship? I have a feeling many coffee drinkers who suffer with anxiety will relate with me in this article. If you are anything like me, […]

situational vs. clinical depression

Situational Vs. Clinical Depression

11/10/2016 Regan 0

Do you ever wonder if you are depressed? I toggled with that question on and off for years. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you are just going through a rough patch or […]

explaining mood disorders

Explaining Mood Disorders To People

09/10/2016 Regan 0

Do you have a significant other, family member, or perhaps a close personal friend who just doesn’t seem to understand your mood disorder? Do you often get asked “why don’t you just stop worrying” or […]

mental health blog

My Mental Health Blog

07/10/2016 Regan 0

Hello everyone my name is Alex and I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for over a decade. I have built this mental health blog to share my experiences in hopes that I can […]

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