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the joy of nature

The Joy Of Nature

The Joy Of Nature This week had been utterly unforgiving. He had sat at his desk and completed the seemingly endless work that kept piling up in front of him. The countless hours of the workweek coupled with the non stop glow from his computer screen had left him with an obscene headache by the end […]

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4 benefits of journaling

The Benefits Of Keeping A Mental Health Journal

The benefits of journaling can be tremendous for anyone looking to improve their mental health. I have said it before and I will say it again…Unfortunately motivation is a fleeing feeling. Maybe you have been doing all the right things to take care of your health. You have been eating healthy, sleeping well and even […]

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Quarter Year Down

A Quarter Year Down – Three More To Go

April 1st marked the quarter year point of 2017. One doesn’t have to look at a calendar to be able to spot this. If you frequent a gym, you can probably tell by the sudden drop in attendance. All of those people who so eagerly set new years resolutions don’t seem so eager anymore. They […]

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Posts Of Mine On Other Blogs

  I have had the pleasure to guest post for all of these awesome sites. This is an ever expanding list, so feel free to check it out on a regular basis to check for new content.   Guest Post #1 – From Depressed To Blessed: How I Overcame My Depression And Took Back […]

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