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Posts Of Mine On Other Blogs

  I have had the pleasure to guest post for all of these awesome sites. This is an ever expanding list, so feel free to check it out on a regular basis to check for new content.   Guest Post #1 – From Depressed To Blessed: How I Overcame My Depression And Took Back […]

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11 true identity

Revealing My True Identity – A Biography In Brief

Warning: This is an extremely long post about my true identity and may cause extreme boredom or excessive drowsiness.  Do not read this while driving or operating machinery of any kind.   Before diving into the details of my true identity I need to set something straight. I started this blog not knowing the level of […]

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2 Struggling with addiction

Spreading Awareness About The Illness That Is Addiction

Are You Struggling With Addiction? I’ve been wanting to write a post for those of you struggling with addiction. I know addiction is a hugely under-diagnosed mental health problem in today’s society.  Unfortunately addiction is viewed as a flaw in character rather than the illness it is. Personally, addiction is not on the large list […]

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